Dark Skull FAQs

For all of your questions.

Where are you located?

Central New Jersey (yes, it exists.)

Is all of this artwork originally created by you?

Oh, why yes. Every print, sticker and original you see is made by me with my own brain cells.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Right now, I do not. I'm sorry!

Do you accept returns?

Because of how small this store is and the fact that it is art, no. I do not accept returns. If you are not sure of a piece, do not buy it and sit on it!

Are your stickers waterproof / weatherproof?

Yes!!! I specifically make these stickers knowing they will fit on water bottles without any issue. I have them on my own bottles, therefore they are water / weatherproof!

How do you package your items?

In 100% recyclable, recycled paper materials. If there is packaging on your product that looks used, it's because it probably is. I try to send out all items in brand new paper packaging, however, if I have some from other packages I will use that. I'm trying to save the planet while also sending out wonderful stickers and prints. So, please, do not complain!

 Do you do commissions?

Yes I do. Please head on over to my commissions page to submit a request!